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  1. Support for “Motoblood” event at Głogów Old Market

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    On April 16th, 2016 in Głogów Old Market, local motorcyclists of Głogów once again organized the event called “Motoblood.” The main goal of the event is to promote voluntary blood donation and the collection of blood for the sick or injured in accidents. E-Towers Famaba joined this noble initiative for the second time.

    All volunteers gave blood at specially designed stations operated by employees of the donation centre. Despite the rather cold weather, donors waited patiently in line to give their blood to the needy. The event was accompanied by rescue demonstrations and a performance by a local rock band.

    The fruit of the collection came in the shape of blood collected from more than 70 people. All willing to assist by giving blood are encouraged to contact the place of blood donation located at the Specialist Clinic at Kosciuszko Street in Głogów.


  2. Publication in Regional Album of Lower Silesia: “Poland in Europe Yesterday and Today”

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    We are very proud of our many generations of employees and of their history and
    achievements. Our company is constantly striving to meet the current challenges of
    today while continuously preparing and what is to come in the future.

    Steel is our passion. Every day we manufacture huge structures – top quality
    components that are important to many branches of the economy.

    We produce towers for wind turbines as well as E-CRANE components for handling
    bulk material and all scrap handling applications.

    By supplying towers for wind turbines, we contribute to the production of energy
    from natural and renewable sources. Our customers are invariably undisputed world
    market leaders in this industry.

    E-Cranes constitute a unique solution for ports, steel mills and all other facilities in
    which optimization of the logistics processes is of the highest priority. Those machines,
    improved for over thirty years, are characterized by their handling ability and power
    efficiency that is unheard-of anywhere else.

    It’s nice to know that the work we do every day for our customers contributes to the
    creation of better and cleaner world for future generations.



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    Jan Manikowski – an employee of E-TOWERS FAMABA – won the Crown of Polish Marathons. The title of Crown winner is awarded to runners who complete the 5 most important Polish marathons in a period of 24 months:

    • Marathon in Dębno Lubuskie;
    • Cracovia Marathon;
    • Wroclaw Marathon;
    • Warsaw Marathon;
    • and Poznan Marathon.

    In particular, the final endeavour for the Crown deserves special attention as it was a really remarkable achievement – our colleague, with the E-TOWERS logo on his chest, ran two marathons within two weeks, one on September 13 in Wroclaw, and one on September 27 in Warsaw.  He broke his personal best in the latter of the two marathons, and  all at the age of 61 after only two years since the beginning of his adventures with long-distance running!


    Congratulations! Wishing Jan further success, we would like to thank him for promoting our E-TOWERS brand throughout the country.


  4. 5th Cross of Doomed

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    On April 25th and 26th, the 5th Cross of Doomed took place on the motocross track in Głogów. The main race was preceded by a relay race of schools, companies and institutions and by Cross of Small Doomed, where for a distance of 1.111 m, children ran together with their parents. Participants of the main race had to cover a distance of 5.555, 10.555 or 15.555 meters. At the starting line, there weremore than 400 people from all over the country including also employees of E-Towers Famaba and their families. The race track was diversified with many activities, muddy areas and ditches full of water, but runners had no problems overcoming all these obstacles because of the noble cause of the event, collecting money for treatment and rehabilitation of a girl with cancer.

    E-Towers Famaba is always willing to contribute to all actions taken to save people’s lives and health, and also to support the Cross of Doomed!!!

  5. Support for event „Motoblood” on Głogów Old Market

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    On April 18th, 2015 in Głogów Old Town, a local motorcycle club has organized for the sixth time an event called “Motoblood”. There were a lot of people willing to donate blood in a special bus. In total, almost 25 liters of this life-giving liquid were donated. Organizers also raffled attractive prizes among the blood donors. At the end, over 100 motorcyclists drove through the city to the Collegiate church, where all the motorbikes were blessed. Our company, E-Towers Famaba, was one of the sponsors and entities which supported this event.