5th Cross of Doomed

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On April 25th and 26th, the 5th Cross of Doomed took place on the motocross track in Głogów. The main race was preceded by a relay race of schools, companies and institutions and by Cross of Small Doomed, where for a distance of 1.111 m, children ran together with their parents. Participants of the main race had to cover a distance of 5.555, 10.555 or 15.555 meters. At the starting line, there weremore than 400 people from all over the country including also employees of E-Towers Famaba and their families. The race track was diversified with many activities, muddy areas and ditches full of water, but runners had no problems overcoming all these obstacles because of the noble cause of the event, collecting money for treatment and rehabilitation of a girl with cancer.

E-Towers Famaba is always willing to contribute to all actions taken to save people’s lives and health, and also to support the Cross of Doomed!!!

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